"We will never give up on dirty jokes!" 

Gintama, 愛してる (I love you)!!! I’ll never forget all the laughs, tears, and anger fits I had while watching Gintama. This is somethin I will never forget as long as I live. Even if I have memory loss, I’ll remember Gintama. Thank you Sorachi, TV Tokyo, and Sunrise for making Gintama possible! I hope this is only a hiatus and that Gintama will truly comeback when the director Fuji**** ‘s hair grows back and they shave it. I’ll remember the lessons I’ve learned and stay a GINTAMA SAMURAI!!! ;_________; 

yeah… that sounded really cheesy but I don’t care anymore!

I’ll keep supporting Gintama and live on だって 俺は 侍だ!

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